" Since moving from London Eva Organization (EOW) has been such a big help. In 2010 I felt alone and did not really know where to turn for help. With things such as legal advice, local support centres, housing advice, help looking for work/university, even family and domestics matters. This organization has not only given me the help and supported I needed to get in touch with the right people but has been a place to turn to in my hours in need. I also developed a good, comfortable relationship with the people at EOW where you truly feel your every requirements are attended to."

Muna Adan

" After being separated from my husband for more than 10 years, all I wanted to do was to truly get divorce, this meant doing some papers work. For that period I had no clue how to engage the papers as I didn’t even know where to start, I had begun to lose hope for this case as firstly it had costed a lot of money to even deal with this problem. It was complicated. EOW had helped me fill the forms for the divorce papers; I truly want to say thank you for the big help EOW has done for me."

Yours Sincerely Sara

" I want to say a massive thanks for helping my brother Abdullahi and I, for getting into the Makerere University in Uganda. EOW has been a massive help for me and my brother, I am currently in my 2nd year in the University, studying political science and economics. EOW has helped us find the University application forms and found us a place to stay "

Thanks Billy

" My greatest thanks to EOW for helping me amplify the power of my CV and sharpened my personal statement, because of this I was able to get into an access course for science. And I am now going to studying public health here in London. "

Many Thanks, Ibrahim

" Rahma Yusuf Hajji is one of a few children in Somalia sponsored by EOW. “I have learnt how to write,” said Rahma. For the five months she was going school, there is already hope and a bright future to look forward to, thanks to God, and EOW that is driving to bring the light of life back to the Somali children. "

Rahma Yusuf Hajji

" Fatima Amin is one of the five women entrepreneurs empowered by EOW in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 2011. “I have now my own shop in my own home. I can work, earn a living while I am in my own home, looking after my children and my mother. Thanks to EOW for building this grocery shop for me where my neighbours can have their grocery shopping and don’t need to go to the market.” Fatima said. So, Fatima’s enterprising opportunity from EOW gave rise to helping the whole family and the community. "

Fatima Amin