Female Genital Multilation (FGM) Project

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) also known as female genital cutting (FGC) is a controversial procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other non-medical injury to the female genital organs. FGM is carried out for cultural and religious traditions, but is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

Why we should increase awareness of this issue?

Reasons behind FGM practice are attributed to cultural, religious and social factors within families and communities. FGM is indeed a horrific act against human rights. However, it has rarely been discussed in everyday media and not enough light is shed on this issue. We would like to shed some light on this and have the voice of women (who either have been a victim of this practice or at risk of undergoing the experience) to be heard. Hence, it is necessary to improve people’s awareness of the negative impact of this practice and the position of religion and medical science on this issue. Communicating to people through the University of Leicester (as an institute of higher education) might be an influential way to achieve this mission. For this purpose, we are advocating the elimination of FGM, through close collaborations with experts, bilingual community leaders and talented spokespersons, to raise awareness by holding this conference.

Aims & Objectives

o To raise the awareness of FGM.
o To run an educational and informational sessions of FGM.
o To raise the awareness of the illegality and immorality of FGM.
o To help to raise the voices of the millions of women both in the UK and abroad to put an end to FGM.
o Advocating national and international levels for women’s rights to not be subjected to this crucial act.
o To set up a publicised campaign to promote the elimination of FGM to a much wider community by using different types of media outlets.
o To campaign the ending of FGM by involving local, national and international authorities and institutions of higher education (such as University of Leicester) to collaborate and form a united force against these barbaric acts against women and girls which is being practiced daily through out many places in the world, even at our backdoors.

What we can offer:

As a grassroots organisation what we are doing is:

o Raising awareness by hosting conferences, seminars and workshops
o Educating the next generation to prevent FGM
o Producing an information package
o Providing listening services

If you need any thing regarding FGM, please contact us on + 44 (0) 7961618589 or email us on admin@eow-charity.org